Manic Fribro

It is really good when I have a manic episode! I am happy and more outgoing! I suddenly want to go out and have fun. I have gone out to eat with family in Galveston, celebrated my granddaughters 18th birthday at the Hard Rock Cafe and am attending a family reunion this weekend. So great times huh! Except if you have fribromyalsia. This is way more than I usually can do and by night time I am in severe pain. With the great times always come the exhaustion and pain, I have learned to have that stuff upper lip and keep on going. I am hoping I don’t hit the low point of depression after this high. I still have a powderpuff game to attend and my granddaughters graduation this month. But for now I don’t mind the pain (well a little), but I love feeling more alive with mania. I am hyper and can’t sit still for long, pain or not. HyperFribro is a difficult combination.😀

And how are you all doing???💜




  1. Finally got here. There was a dot missing in the address you gave me. Bipolar mania’s are better than the lows. With the pain of Fibro and the down my bipolar is in, I don’t get out of bed much. Nice blog!

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