Hit by the hurricanes of Life

It has been a long time since I have written anything on my blog, it has been a very difficult time in my life. For the new people to my new blog I will share a bit of my past 3 1/2 years ago of my life. That is when my marriage ended and I was up a creek as they say without a paddle. Lol.  Anyway as I had been on disability for awhile due to Fribromyalsia, degeneration in by back, osteoarthritis, and hip damage, I was not getting enough money to live on. So my precious son offered to let me live with them and I in return cleaned their home, did the laundry, and kept my grandchildren when needed. With my disabilities it was very difficult but I wanted to help as I appreciated so much their lifeline they extended to to me. The problem was my daughter-in-law had never really liked me. I tried so hard to change that, but when she quit her job in June in my life became intolerable. But the good news is that my older son moved in August and had enough of room for me to move in with his family. But before I could move in the hurricane hit Texas. I was at my older son’s however when Harvey hit and his home and all of us  were blessed to be safe. When the flooding finally went down I finally could go back to my other son to move my personal things before movers could move my bedroom suite. When I got back I was met by a hostile  D-I-L who took my younger two grandkids into her room and shut the door, not letting me speak to them or her. She had my 17 year old grandson sit on the couch to watch everything I was doing as if I would steal from them. I had a small loft upstairs for a room and I had a hundred trips up and down the stairs over a five hour period. I had 14 picture albums and many framed pictures besides all my clothes and things. I have lost a lot of strength as I am 66 and it was so difficult carrying  things down and struggling with the door each time.  My grandson never once got up to open the door for me. My heart was breaking as I got the message they were furious I was moving out, I don’t understand why though! I had to lock and unlock my car each trip as their were people driving around looking for stuff people had discarded on the curbs that got damaged in the flood. Two men kept watching me load my car as they kept driving by. I have a problem with my body overheating and my face was a bright red as I kept working to be out of the way. As I was just finished my son got home from work and I went to hug him and tell him how much I appreciated everything they had done for me. I also said I would still love to help them with coming and keeping the grandkids  or whatever the needed me for. I told him I would miss them and I hoped they would call me to come visit. He said nope I won’t be calling you ever again and that that was it, that was all he would say. He said he would take my bedroom suite down to the garage for the movers, he didn’t want me or movers in his house. I have been heart broken since I don’t understand why he is this way with his family. He had already cut off his brother 5 years ago  and not spoken to him and now I will be living with his “brother”. He has been cold to all of his family since he married 20 years ago, we were always so close before. His wife has always wanted to be around her family only so I guess now she doesn’t have to share him with us. Anyway I go tomorrow to meet movers to get my bedroom suite and am so apprehensive about the meeting with my D-I-L and am hoping it goes okay.

I am so sorry this is so long I just needed to unburden my heart a little bit.


  1. It’s difficult to lose children. I know…BUT…you did your job, as did I. You raised your son and by all accounts he has a good life. You CANNOT allow yourself to be berated, bullied or diminished in any way. You don’t deserve it.
    Then wound will always be there but you have to consider yourself. That’s not being selfish…that’s called survival.
    (I emailed you.)

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    • Thank you, I know you do understand! I will survive this it just tears my heart out! This is the fifth time since his marriage that he has cut me out of his life. I have begged each time to be allowed back in his life, never understanding why it happened to begin with. I am getting to old to keep on this crazy merry-go-round and walk on their egg shells. But, I am going to be better without the constant turmoil of living with them. It helps to vent a little bit.❤

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  2. I had no idea…so sorry Ava, I can’t possibly understand why people do these awful things, it makes no sense!
    Hugs, love and if you need someone to vent to, I’m around. ❤

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  3. Thank you Mer, I appreciate it that so much. I hope I will calm down more after I get my furniture tommorow. Last week they cancelled on me at the last minute and I had to cancel my movers, so I hope it happens this time. Hope you are feeling a little better today!❤

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  4. Oh my goodness, I’m not surprised you need to unburden; I would be a mix of angry and heartbroken at all of this. It’s such a shame, but it doesn’t reflect on you. You can walk away from the craziness, I don’t understand why some people can be like that and act towards others so hurtfully. Sending a hug your way ♥
    Caz x

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