It is finally happening

Hi everyone,

After 5 years of divorce I am finally getting my on apartment. I am so excited you would think I was 18 and moving out for the first time. I am so thankful for my son giving me a home. I am am starting over with only a bedroom suite. It has been fun looking online at furniture and everything it takes to start a home. Meanwhile I’m saving every penny to buy the things I will need.

I am also going to have another Great Grandbaby, this time a boy. He will arrive 11 months after his sister. My Granddaughter needs to learn what causes this or she will have a houseful of little darlings.

I still haven’t heard from my youngest son and miss him and my Grandkids so much.

Hope you are all doing well! Oh I didn’t mention I have a boyfriend, lol that sounds funny when when the boy is 67. But no I will never get married again. He has been a good friend to me. Anyway I better let you go and stop rattling on.